Life At NTG


Salary Digitization, Child care center, Her project, Workers participation committee. Women make up more than 80% of our workforce, they or our strength. At Northern Tosrifa Group we take inspiration from our visionary founder Ms. Tosrifa Khatun’s life to make the environment a safe supporting family for the women who work with us.

At NTG we believe in empowering our workforce, which is why we give them control over their income through Salary Digitization.Salary digitization allows the women who work at NTG to become more financially independent.>We also have a state of the art childcare system for the mothers who work with us.The childcare not only creates a magnificent environment for the children to spend their day but also promotes education and good hygiene which the children use in their daily life at home.

We recognize the strength in the women who work with us, and we believe that their voices must be heard. For this reason, we have a worker’s participation committee, in which they get to express their opinions and ideas, creating a network of collaboration and open door in all our companies and on all levels.