Who We Are

Founding Members

  • Mohim Hassan

    CEO & MD

    Mohim Hassan, aged 49, is the CEO & Managing Director of the Company. He obtained MSS degree from University of Dhaka in the year of 1990. He has never stopped educating himself from the different institute both home and aboard.

    He started his business career in 1987 with Northern Corporation Limited and now he is serving as the Chairman of Hung Tak Northern Garments Limited and Euro Printers Limited, Director of Enviro Pac Limited, Fashion Asia Limited, Northern Corporation Limited, Northern Knit Limited, Northern Yarn Limited and Comfort Wear International Limited and Printers & Printers Ltd.

    He has special interest in sharing knowledge with reputed scholars in the areas of organizational behavior, ethical practice in business, human efficiency and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    His commitment into development and improvement of Group’s business has already seen over 27 years of success. As a sign of his commitment to CSR he received the award for CSR activities from the BGMEA in 2009.

  • Rafiq Hassan


    Rafiq Hassan, aged 44, is the Director of the Company and brings with him 23 years of managerial experience. After completing his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Assumption University, Thailand in the year 1994 he has been very instrumental to the Company’s activity and growth.

    He has travelled home and aboard gaining experience in the textile technology and management techniques. He is also the Managing Director of Northern Air Ltd., Total Freight Ltd. Director of Hung Tak Northern Garments Limited, Enviro Pac Ltd, Northern Knit Limited, Northern Yarn Limited, Northern Corporation Limited and Comfort Wear International Limited.

    Along with his managerial skill he has keen interest in advanced technology, ERP and automation. Rafiq Hassan loves to take part in different community activities which are beneficial for the society.

  • Naim Hassan


    Naim Hassan, aged 47, is a director of the Company. He completed his MSS from University of Dhaka in 1993. Apart from that he has attended many diploma and certificate course on textile technology, international sales and marketing, human resource management and capacity building.

    After completion of his education he joined as Managing Director of Northern Corporation Limited a concern of the same group and subsequently by merit and performance he became a successful business man within short time. He has great knowledge about yarn quality and overall production process of RMG. His knowledge and perseverance has got him numerous awards.

    With over 24 years of experience of textile manufacturing and marketing, Naim Hassan is also serving as Managing Director of Fashion Asia Limited, Printers & Printers Ltd., Director of Enviro Pac Limited, Hung Tak Northern Garments Limited, Northern Knit Limited, Northern Yarn Limited. He has great passion for the development of Bangladesh and all his business decisions are taken with the development of country and community in mind.

  • Lyra Rizwana Quader


    Lyra Rizwana Quader is a Director of the Company. She completed Bachelors in commerce from University of Dhaka in the year 1993.

    After graduation she worked as a teacher for a few years. She is wife of Mohim Hassan and takes passion in promoting corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

    Lyra Rizwana Quader believes that the Company has responsibilities towards the society and environment and is keen in ensuring such responsibilities are fulfilled.

  • Anjuman Ara Begum


    Anjuman Ara Begum is a Director of the Company. She is completed Bachelors degree from University of Dhaka in the year 1994. She is wife of Naim Hassan.

    Her farsightedness in socioeconomic activities has been very helpful to the organization success. She is keen in looking after compliance and labor right issues in the factory and takes an interest in prompting women’s rights in the workplace.

  • Hasibuddin Ahmed

    Executive Director

    Hasibuddin Ahmed, aged 64, is the Executive Director of the Company. He has completed his Bachelors of Commerce Degree under Rajshahi University in the year 1973. After completion of graduation he started his family business with his father for few years. He then started his service life from 1981.

    He worked with several renowned Companies like Steel re-rolling Mills, Textile Industries, Ready Made Garment Industries and so on. He has done many certificate courses at home and abroad on various business development activities like textile technology, international sales & marketing, human resource development etc.

    He has joined at Northern Corporation Limited on 1987 and he has established himself as a man of sincerity, honesty, laborious and leader of the leaders with Northern Tosrifa Group. He has very fine knowledge over raw yarn quality, dyed fabric quality and overa RMG production process. He already proved his commitment into the development and improvement of the Company’s businessll.