Life At NTG


Redefining limit generates, excitement, passion, and creativity. Additionally, teamwork is often essential when coming up with outstanding ideas and solutions.

We perform better when we collaborate. Recognizing the value of Innovation

  • NTG has designed its work environment to be innovation and collaborative.
  • Here we potentialize every employee, their ideas and this is how we as an organization have grown since 1967.
  • We know, the opportunity to be innovative drives employee engagement.

Annual innovation week event, which is designed to explore, assess, and reward the best creative ideas of the year. There is a dedicated innovation team working behind the creative thinking of the company.

The team collects ideas through an email address and on that, any employee, regardless of the designation, submits their ideas alongside an explanation about the idea’s business value in the context of NTG.

Innovation team takes all necessary steps to make the innovation into reality.