What We Do

Fashion Asia Ltd.

Dynamic and efficient are the two words that can best describe Fashion Asia Limited (FAL). Ever since its inception in the year 2000, FAL has been renowned for its success in producing T-shirts, Polo shirts, tank tops, dresses, leggings, and various kinds of sportswear for buyers mostly in Europe.

  • 800
  • Employees
  • US$ 16M
  • Annual turnover

Giving high regards to customer needs and feedback, FAL tends to the unique requirements of the customers with attention to detail and thorough follow up. FAL is well known for giving their customers the highest priority to collaborate and come up with the perfect end-product. With a team of almost 800 employees, FAL is the risk taker in the group with a concentration on customized and unique garments production with short lead times. Having a capacity of 3.9 million pieces annually along with an annual turnover of USD 16 million, FAL is one of the flagship units in the group.