Who We Are

Our Values

  • People First

    Our people are not just part of our narrative but the main storyteller of NTG. By implementing people-oriented values and beliefs, we ensure our people continue to lead our story, and we continue to stitch our collective legacy of success.

  • Technology

    Technology is a critical component in providing high-quality products to our customers. We stay up to date with the latest technological advances in our field to stay one step ahead of the future. Since NTG is a people-centric company, we employ a team of experts to guarantee smooth operation of all technical equipment.

  • Sustainability

    At NTG we believe in being accountable for our actions. Our business model revolves around sustainable business practices. We engage in sustainable social and environmentally conscious business initiatives to make positive contributions to the world.

  • Integrity

    We value transparency, and we practice it in all parts of our business. We believe in honoring our commitments to our customers, to our people, and to Bangladesh.